We are leaders in both export and import of non-ferrous metal scrap all over Lithuania.
We are not only working in our domestic market, but actively spreading through Eastern and Central Europe.
Growing clients network and tonnage of materials allow our company to grow steadily, create more jobs and hire more professionals, this way assuring even faster services.

Quality providers

Our work and service quality – our duty to our costumers.
Best evaluation of our quality – happy costumer and returning client.
Our service meets all environmental requirements. That makes us
perfect partners not only to metal traders, but manufacturers as well.

Trustworthy partners

During 19 years small family based business grew up and became region leaders. Now our network has reached more than 300 manufacturers and metal traders. We are being trusted not only in Lithuania, but Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic. Even though company is booming in turnovers and tonnage every year, the very first clients are still happy with our service and gladly return every time.